Cutting-Edge Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Including CPTED at the design and concept stage of your project will yield short term and long term savings over the life of your project.

CPTED Consulting & Analysis

Your property will be safer and more productive with the proper application of CPTED. The goal of the CPTED practitioner is to manipulate the built environment by utilizing natural design strategies to eliminate or reduce crime and nuisance behaviour, reduce the fear of crime, and reduce liability, thus enhancing the livability, sustainability, and profitability of the built environment. Our services include:
• CPTED Consulting & Review Reports
• Development Permit Approval Process
• Concept and Design
• P3 Partnership Projects

• Revitalization Projects
* Design Charrettes

CPTED at Every Stage

Liahona works alone or in cooperation with local, regional, and provincial governments to deliver services. We also work with planners, architects, and landscape architects to provide a comprehensive solution from the initial concept and design through to completion. In addition to CPTED analysis and reports, we assist a range of clients with industry-specific issues. 

• Architects — Assisting with Building Design, Interior/Exterior Layout, and Technical Security
• Developers — Assisting to meet CPTED Design Guideline Criteria, and Creating Safer, More Sucessful Environments 
• Landscape Architects — Helping Reduce Crime and Nuisance Behaviours, and Meet Safer Design Guidelines
• Urban Planners — Assisting with Council/Committee Presentations, and CPTED Land-Use Relationships in Development
• Design Charettes — Facilitation of Civic Design Process, Assisting with Revitalization Projects, Providing CPTED Input, and Assisting with
  Community and Government Education


Learn from an experienced professional. Our company has been the sole source provider of CPTED Training to "E" Division RCMP nearly 15 years. We offer a variety of workshops and seminars, including:

• Four-day Level I and Level II CPTED Certificate Courses
• Retail Violence Prevention Store Auditor Training
• Retail Employee Loss Prevention Awareness Training
• One- and Two-Day Workshops Tailored to Specific Audiences

Threat Risk & Security Assessment

Evaluation of real and/or potential threats to assets, information and people. Assessment of existing facilities and future sites for security weaknesses including physical & electronic security.

·  Future Developments
·  Existing sites
·  Security System Evaluation
·  Policy & Procedure
·  Physical Security
·  Awareness

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Project Management

We evaluate existing security systems, provide A&E specifications on new projects as well as upgrades, consult on access control, CCTV and alarm systems. 

·   From Tender to Commissioning
·   Product and Vendor selection
·   Progress Inspections
·   Contractor and site meetings
·   Substantial completion certificate

Retail Security Audits

We provide Retail Store audits to assess corporate policy, training, cash handling protocol, store design and security in an effort to increase employee safety and store productivity.

·   Lone employee/late night evaluations
·   WorkSafe BC compliance
·    Policy & Procedure Review
·   CCTV systems
·   Store Design and Layout

Past Clients

CPTED principles and practices are applicable to a wide range of organizations. We have provided consulting services to:

• Private and Public Sector Organizations
• First Nations People and Design Professional Associations
• Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies
• Municipal, Regional, and Provincial Governments

Contact us for consultations and assessments.