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CPTED Training

CPTED Training

Course Overview

CPTED Courses are presented at a University Level and incorporate classroom learning, case studies, and field trip settings, utilizing audio, visual, and site inspection techniques and experiences. Continuing Education Credits are available for members of the Landscape Architecture (BCSLA) and Planning Institute (PIBC) Associations. AIBC members may self-report for Learning Unit consideration. Professional Development Credits are available for members of Security Associations such as ASIS.


Level 1 Basic CPTED Course

Provides participants with a solid, practical, working knowledge of CPTED and the tools to become involved in the assessment, planning, design, or development process as it relates to preventing crime and nuisance behaviour. Successful participants will be issued with a Level I CPTED Certificate. Level I CPTED is a pre-requisite for taking the Level 2 Advanced CPTED Course.

CPTED Workshops

One and Two-day CPTED Workshops are tailored to specific clients and audiences such as; Municipalities, Parks, Community Safety, and Auxiliary / Reserve Police Programs.

Who Should Attend?

·      Municipal & Regional Design Professionals
·      Landscape Architects (Public & Private Sector)
·      Urban Planners (Public & Private Sector)
·      Crime Prevention Unit Officers, Coordinators & Volunteers
·      Community Safety Officers & Coordinators
·      By-Law Enforcement Officers & Staff
·      Town & City Councilors & Officials
·      Design Review Committee Members
·      Public & Private Security Professionals, Managers & Staff
·      Facility Management Professionals
·      Architects (Public & Private Sector)
·      Police Service Members & Officers
·      Park and Rec Planners, Managers, Facility & Maintenance Staff
·      Crime Free Multi-Housing Officers & Coordinators
·      Police Auxiliary & Reserve Officers
·      Building Inspectors & Fire Inspectors
·      Business Improvement Associations
·      Zoning & Planning Committee Members
·      Provincial & Federal Agencies
·      Housing & Property Management Professionals
·      Anyone involved in the planning & design process or interested in safer, sustainable, more profitable environments.


CPTED Course Schedule

Level 1 Basic CPTED Course

Date: April 6 - 9, 2020 • Cancelled Due to Health Precautions

Date: October 18 - 22, 2020 • Location: Cloverdale Holiday Inn & Suites (Surrey BC) • Cost: $650.00 (plus GST) per person

 Level 2 Advanced CPTED Course

Date: October 26 - 29, 2020 • Location: Cloverdale Holiday Inn & Suites (Surrey, BC) • Cost $700.00 (plus GST) per person

 Level 3 CPTED Certification Course

Date: November 2 - 3, 2020 • Location: Cloverdale Holiday Inn & Suites (Surrey, BC) • Cost: $400.00 (plus GST) per person

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