What's New

Certified CPTED Practitioner (CCP) designation will start in the fall of 2021. For those wanting to become Certified CPTED Practitioners the process will involve the following steps:

    1. Complete the 4-day Level 1 Basic CPTED Course.
    2. Pass the in-course Level 1 Test.
    3. Complete the 4-day Level 2 Advanced CPTED Course.
    4. Conduct a CPTED Review of a problematic site (in your jurisdiction) and submit the CPTED Assessment Report to the CPTED BC Board for review.
    5. Complete the 2-day Level 3 CPTED Course.
    6. Complete the Site Plan Evaluation Exercise and submit to the CPTED BC Board for review.

After completing this process a Certified CPTED Practitioner certificate will be issued from the CPTED BC Board.